February 7, 2024

TCMedia Keeps CH22

TCMedia is happy to report that we will continue to be the steward manager of cable channel 22. An agreement was recently reached with local jurisdictions to continue the operation of Channel 22 as the Public Access channel, although no funding was included in the agreement.

TCMedia CH22 airs programming created by individuals and organizations in our community, about our community, and for our community.  Programming seen on the channel ranges from informational talk shows, entertainment programs, and coverage of community events, to candidate forums and church services. The variety of content represents the diversity in our community in all aspects. 

"We're happy to be able to maintain this important local media resource," says Deborah Vinsel, CEO, "it's a digital media space where all opinions, perspectives, and creative efforts are welcome."  

You don't have to be a cable TV subscriber to watch TCMedia CH22. It streams 24/7 through our website - tcmedia.org - and is also available on Roku, AppleTV, and FireTV. To load the channel onto your streaming service, search for Thurston Community Media.  You can also download an app for Android or iPhones from your app store.